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About Us

Here at My Puerto Rico Tours we want to show you our island’s history, culture and natural resources. We want to show you more, to show you who we are as Puerto Ricans and why we love this place. Join us for a walk in the 500 year-old city that is Old San Juan, or ask us about our traditions in Caguas, the birthplace of the Puerto Rican Creole; have a cup of coffee at a real Coffee Plantation or swim in the famous Bio Bay; or take one of our Panoramic drives, the closest to go around the island in a day. Welcome, and let me show you MY Puerto Rico.


After traveling the world for many years, the place I learned about the most was home. Even as I lived here my whole life, I discovered Puerto Rico later in life, and how I wished I had before. I love Puerto Rico like no other place, and got into tourism to show others why. What sets me apart in the industry is my constant search for new places to show visitors. It is both my hobby and my passion to explore this island. If you want to see the real Puerto Rico, look no further. Let me show you MY Puerto Rico.